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Message from President, BAIRA


Respected Members, BAIRA


Welcome to BAIRA website. Hope that the requirements of the stake-holders are to be fulfilled through this developed version of the website. As you know the present Executive Committee (EC) 2018 � 2020 took over the office on 14 September 2018 and since then it is trying to digitalize the website. Our focused aim is to provide you the updated information on the web for your benefit. Regarding this, steps have already been taken.

Here I like to share the commitments of the present EC achieving the goals and objectives of the Association that we promised on the eve of the Election. A number of 757,731 workers have so far been migrated in 162 countries in 2016 through our valued members. This mega effort has increased the flow of remittance in our national reserve boosting up the overall economy. I hope some 1 million workers will be migrated in 2017 to boost up our national economy.

I personally like to thank our respected members for such achievement and hope its continuation in future.

With best regards,


Benjir Ahmed,  M.P.

President, BAIRA