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Secretary General Message

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Message from Secretary General, BAIRA



BAIRA has turned into a vibrant national trade body of Bangladesh since its formation in1984 covering some burning issues like finding global manpower market, contributing in GDP and making Bangladesh as the first growing remittance receiver country in the world. The crucial development of Bangladesh starts towards a dramatic positive change as the direct impact on overseas employment controlled by BAIRA.

As website is the mirror of the activities of any organization I like to let you know some of our recent attainments like �

i. Lessening the irritating visit of the Law enforcers at BAIRA members� office

ii. Extending the time frame of depositing security of Tk. 8.5 lakh dues for 3 years

iii. Making Police clearance easier for migrating the female workers in Saudi Arabia

iv. Chairing OESP-AAA activities

v. Making positive outlook with the government, national and international organizations about BAIRA�s contribution in national development

vi. Making a Digital Conference room with modern amenities at the ground floor of BAIRA Secretariat at Eskaton, Dhaka

vii. Hosting GAMCA � BAIRA meeting to facilitate the existing drawbacks of medical check-up

viii. Conducting meetings regarding Female Domestic Workers� issues in Saudi Arabia.

We prefer a knowledge based approach to boost up the image of BAIRA in and around the border. The transaction of remittance through legal channel can help building this image of BAIRA to the all concerns. Being a representative in the global manpower horizons you are playing a pivotal role in national development.

I hope much glorious more successes will embrace us in near future.




Shameem Ahmed Chowdhury Noman

Secretary General, BAIRA



Last Updated on Monday, 17 September 2018 04:52