History & Background of BAIRA

Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies (BAIRA) is one of the largest trade bodies in Bangladesh affiliated with the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI), the apex body on Trade & Industry, established in 1984 with a view to catering  the needs of the licensed recruiting agencies who are engaging themselves in promoting manpower market abroad and deploy a good number of unemployed Bangladeshi manpower in various foreign countries after imparting necessary training.

Currently BAIRA has about 2000 Government Approved Recruiting Agents as its member.

Achievements : 

Manpower is one of the major national resources of Bangladesh. About 35 million people constitute this vast reservoir of manpower. Fortunately Bangladesh is steadily turning her manpower into an asset through training and skill development with a view to meeting the needs of a modern economy. It is not possible for Bangladesh to absorb the full range of available unskilled, semi-skilled and professional manpower within the country in an appropriate manner and hence the need to find employment opportunities for them abroad till her economy could absorb them locally. There are also a number of foreign countries who are in need of importing manpower from other countries. Today Bangladesh is considered as a good source.

With a modes beginning in 1976, Bangladesh has, by now, become a notable exporter of manpower. Between 1976 to 2001 a total of more than three million Bangladeshis have been able to  secure employment in foregn countries, particularly in countries of the Middle East and Malaysia, Singapore of south Korea through the members of BAIRA. The Bangladeshis currently working abroad range from domestic aides to Atomic Scientists. The main objective of the BAIRA members is to ensure supply of quality manpower at a  minimum  cost within the time schedule given by the employers.

With a view to ensuring the financial security of migrating workers BAIRA, has already undertaken two Insurance Schemes: one for the workers before their departure and the other is for their  families left behind, through BAIRA Life Insurance Company Limited, an affiliated organ of BAIRA.

In addition, BAIRA is going to set up a Bank to ensure quick and easy monitory transaction service to the members of BAIRA and the migrating workers, in addition to the public in general.

A sophisticated and highly technical & vocational training center is coming up shortly to impart training to our youths in modern developed technology including Information Technology (IT), to cater to the need of the country and our valued overseas employers. To ensure proper medical check-up of the migrant workers BAIRA is setting up a modern Medical Testing Center with elaborate facilities. These will be in addition to the existing facilities already available with some of the reputed members if BAIRA.

BAIRA arranges short term foreign language course & briefing sessions before allowing the selected workers to emigrate.